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Reporter / Correspondent

Post Date:Nov 25, 2020Type:Full time
Start Date:Salary:$50,000 to $80,000
Location: United States - California - Santa Cruz Job Reference:
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Status: Full-Time

Reports To: Executive Editor

Location: Santa Cruz, CA



Lookout Local seeks curious, versatile reporters, enthused about being part of a new model of community-centric, mobile-first, topically knowledgeable, intensely local journalism. Our correspondents will aim to meet readers’ needs in multiple ways, from quick, useful, information hits to in-depth accountability reporting to an evolving series of reader-friendly guides, providing actionable service journalism for Lookout’s readers,"smartly and creatively using multiple engagement channels to connect with audiences.

Lookout Local’s correspondents are the prominent public face of Lookout in all the diverse communities it serves. They bring the news, information, and community goings-on -- the day-to-day authoritative and readable reporting -- to readers. And they are recognizable, their faces on Lookout and in the community.

This, for those embracing the journalism of the 2020s, is a fresh, unparalleled opportunity. Lookout starts with a blank slate, and its correspondents will write a new model of engaging, smart, trustworthy and often personality-including local news journalism on it. Lookout’s correspondents grasp the credible heritage of the news trade and of the continuing need for fundamental, solid reporting, one local readers place great trust in. At the same time, they know that digital formats, including text, audio and video, offer many options for journalists and a still-in-formation new set of abilities for readers.

In hiring, we’ll prioritize journalists who bring topical experience and deepening knowledge in areas our readers consider most impactful in their lives. These include K-12 education and parenting, college institutional coverage, health and public health, environment, food and food policy, housing and affordability, justice and technology. We also seek those with a proven track record of government accountability reporting.

Readers can now learn much more about their communities, their neighbors, their problems and their full opportunities to take part in civic life, and Lookout intends to provide them that local opportunity. To that end, Lookout, and its correspondents, make a double promise to readers. Throughout its products, Lookout offers up “What to Know,” in shorter and longer form, and “What to Do”, how people can take partake in the life of the community in a myriad of ways.

We seek our first group of correspondents who want to join us on this expedition to build a new, sustainable model for local journalism.



Lookout Local is a new network of intensely local, community-centric, digital-only, mobile-first news sites, built for the way citizens and consumers read, act, and interact, in the 2020s. Dedicated to community betterment, Lookout Santa Cruz launches this fall.

We seek colleagues to form our initial, diverse team of 15. We’re looking for those who share our sense of mission, our can-do, entrepreneurial spirit, and our hard-headed realism that smart execution will quickly create a new, much-needed model for local news and community revival. Lookout Local’s for-profit, public benefit corporation is built to last, providing that foundation for multi-site network growth.


What You’ll Be Doing: Reporting, Writing and Reader Connection

  • Getting to the heart of stories with thorough, deep and wide sourcing, and reporting.

  • Connecting the dots for readers in your writing, so they feel fully and fairly informed.

  • Engaging with readers and their communities online and in real life.

Getting to the Heart of Stories with Thorough, Deep and Wide Sourcing and Reporting

  • Excels in key topical areas, best building on proven expertise, with reporting experience in one or more of Lookout’s initial core areas -- health, education, government/accountability, affordability, tech/business, food, environment, justice, arts.

  • Engages work in multiple content areas, passions as well as beats.

  • Relishes bringing data to reporting, with relevant experience a plus.

  • Collaborates well with colleagues to multiply reporting power.

Connecting the Dots for Readers in Your Writing, So They Feel Fully and Fairly Informed

  • Exceptional self-starting reporting and writing abilities, and an ability to do strong local storytelling, in all its evolving digital forms. Brings a sense of voice to their work.

  • Demonstrates an ability to create “smart brevity” article forms that calls out useful information to readers within Lookout’s formats.

  • Creates a voice-driven, reporting-based regular newsletter covering beat

  • Over time, contributes beyond text, to audio and video extensions of Lookout.

Engaging Deeply with Readers and Their Communities Online and in Real Life

  • Engages with audiences and communities, both traditional news-reading audiences and those under-served, online and IRL, bringing them into wider conversations on community problem-solving.

  • Actively participates, on behalf of Lookout, across social media for engagement, awareness and two-way relationship building with readers on both story ideation and creation and response.

  • Interacts with community members in a variety of settings, including forums, Q&A sessions (online and in-person) and more. Participates in Lookout’s Access Democracy open meeting/open records/accountability journalism training and work, in association with our partner, the First Amendment Coalition, building proficiency.

  • Maintains personal profile page on the site, owning your name and beat as a vibrant destination on Lookout, to engage with your audiences, share information and promote events and community awareness around your beat.


Your Experience and Skills

  • Rock-solid journalism judgment, intuition and taste.

  • Experience and comfort with the pace of digital-first journalism, and the digital technologies that power it.

  • Experience covering at least one of Lookout’s key topical areas: K-12 education and parenting, college institutional coverage, health and public health, environment, food and food policy, housing and affordability, justice and technology.

  • Ability to engage diverse local communities in Lookout’s work.

  • Ability to think through visuals that will aid storytelling and work with colleagues to activate them.

  • Demonstrated adaptability, especially with new topical coverage areas and communities.

  • Experience covering at least one of Lookout’s key topical areas:  K-12 education and parenting, college institutional coverage, health and public health, environment, food and food policy, housing and affordability, justice and technology.

  • Comfort learning new technology and experience working in content management systems, producing, editing and dressing stories with related media (photos, videos, etc).

  • Comfort with the format of Lookout’s correspondent-focused model, and the personality it brings to the work.

  • Desire to work in an entrepreneurial, fast-growth startup environment, embracing the agility and flexibility required to thrive within a new business.

  • A commitment to making Lookout Local’s first market launch and a successful one and potential interest in advancing with Lookout as its network expands.

  • Bilingual abilities are a plus.

  • Solutions journalism familiarity, and experience, are a plus.

  • Data reporting skills are a plus.

  • Audio/video experience is a plus.


Benefits and Application

Correspondent is a full-time Lookout Local employee. We offer competitive employee benefits.

Lookout Local is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

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Lookout Local
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