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Digital Lead for New Daily Show

Post Date:Jul 20, 2021Type:Full time
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Location: United States - Tennessee - Nashville Job Reference:
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Design And Execute Digital Strategy For A New Daily Show At WPLN News

Be the digital guide for Nashville's go-to news program.

WPLN News is looking for someone to lead the digital side of a new daily news show this fall, which will serve the Nashville region with insightful reporting and conversations on the day’s top news and culture. You'll be the bridge between radio and online for listeners of the show's conversations with a range of guests: public officials, people with varied lived experiences, artists, and local reporters.

We see this show as a flagship program that reflects and engages with the diversity of the region. It will be a welcome addition for our existing core audience, but we also want to serve a new group: people who want to be engaged with their community but don't already listen to NPR. As Digital Lead, you'll help reach that goal by presenting the same relatable and smart coverage on the radio in expanded web posts to go along with show segments, creating and delegating social media strategies for engagement and leading the response to community feedback, comments and questions online.

If we were to explain our vision for the show using other public radio programs, it would be this: Take the energy, intelligence and joy of It’s Been A Minute, mix it withThe Daily‘s ability to go deeper on news of the day — immersed in the distinctive local flavor of Nashville. We strive to advance the conversations and debates happening across diverse neighborhoods, homes and workplaces. Like those shows, that means having a robust digital presence that reaches people who don't normally listen to WPLN, or perhaps news at all.

More: Don’t know much about Nashville? Here’s a snapshot.

We're looking for a Digital Lead:

  • who already has experience digitizing the news of the day. You are comfortable with taking news content, whether audio or text, and presenting it in a digestible way for online audiences.
  • with cross-platform editing skills. You know your AP Style rules and can quickly apply them to edits on web posts from segment producers, and you know your differing social media lingo and best practices to edit posts for the show's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  
  • who has a strong vision for diversifying the sound and audience of public radio — in an online format. You are part of a team striving daily to ask deep questions of a broad range of people, and you have a plan for how to best take these new and different conversations from on air to the website and social media, strategically engaging communities across the socioeconomic and demographic spectrum.
  • with a flair for visuals. You know graphic design, though you're not a designer. You know data visualization tools, even if data isn't your thing. You know basic video production, even though those skills may be used few and far between. You know a good photo when you see it, even if you don't always take it. And, you know the rights involved with publishing elements under the Creative Commons license and how to properly credit out-of-house visuals.
  • who enjoys working within a team. You will lead the show's digital efforts, which means working closely with the radio-focused members of the show's team to build the bridge between platforms. You also work in sync with the WPLN newsroom. You crave collaboration, deliberation and the contribution of others.

You'll be joining a newsroom that has produced groundbreaking podcasts, special projects and national investigations. You’ll also have access to the talent and creativity of our new music discovery station WNXP, and you can expand on the newsroom’s community engagement partnerships, including a regular collaboration with Nashville Noticias.

This position reports to the executive producer of the daily show. The salary starts at $57,000 and is commensurate with experience.

We’re trying to create something different here at WPLN News. Do you share our vision? Come join us.

How To Apply: Please fill out our application form. The deadline August 16.

10 Core Values of WPLN’s New Daily Show:

1. Curiosity & creativity: We show genuine interest in a wide range of topics and tell stories in a wide variety of ways. We don’t do boring.

2. Inclusivity: We showcase the diversity of Middle Tennessee and the expertise of lived experience.

3. Respect & generosity: We seek first to understand why people do what they do, creating a space where guests and listeners feel valued. Conversations are spirited but respectful.

4. Independence: We ask officials tough questions and, more importantly, ask them to answer to the public.

5. Courage & grit: We employ healthy skepticism and lean into complexity.

6. Context: We strive to connect the dots — telling people how we got here and why it matters.

7. Community engagement & empowerment: We foster meaningful relationships across the region and strive to help residents ask questions and solve problems.

8. Top-notch radio journalism: We prioritize accuracy and transparency in our reporting, and attention to detail in our sound design and engineering.

9. Collaboration & growth: We succeed as a team. We are unafraid to experiment and learn from mistakes.

10. Joy: We strive to broadcast something every day that makes people feel delighted about humanity.

About Nashville Public Radio: Nashville Public Radio is a community-owned public radio service that strives to become a vital source of local journalism (WPLN News) and music discovery (WNXP and Nashville Classical Radio) for everyone in Middle Tennessee. WPLN News has doubled in size in recent years and is proud to have strong existing community support. We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusivity in our hiring. Nashville Public Radio is an equal opportunity employer.



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